Who are We?

The Reelin’ Rogues are a Celtic music group consisting of Declan James with soaring lead vocals, acoustic guitar and acoustic bag pipes, Aranza “Ari” Luna on her thundering drums and vocals, Morgan the Celt on ethereal whistles and driving bag pipes and Calan Ulfsson on grounding and commanding backing vocals. The Reelin’ Rogues bring a fresh take to traditional Celtic music by melding vocals and traditional instruments in unique arrangements of historical Celtic battle tunes that will inspire the spirit and the peak the mind.  These Rogues are inspired by their love of old school punk rock, a variety of metal genres and traditional folk music. 
They are currently performing at Renaissance/Medieval Festivals nationwide, venues, pubs and private events.  *In addition to Celtic music, The Reelin’ Rogues offer an extensive repertoire of non-Celtic music that appeals to all audiences (pub/event specific repertoire).
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What's Next?