Premium VIP Package: The Angels and The Reelin' Rogues

 — (EST, UTC-05) — (EST, UTC-05)

Tommy's Pub , 3124 Eastway Drive Suite 710 , Charlotte, NC 28205

This Premium VIP Package will include reserved seating at our show, a commemorative signed chair by both acts, pins and a special edition koozie!

For the first time ever, The Angels and The Reelin' Rogues will be performing together outside the confines of a renaissance festival! We're beyond delighted to be creating art together (and with a ton of special guests) live and in person for our friends near and far who can join us for this spectacular double-plus experience! The show will officially start with the Rogues taking the stage at 7pm, but you're invited to come early to hang out with us all! The Angels plan to go on around 8:30 with a profoundly naughty set list and a lot of lovely surprises. More information will be posted widely and often as we put this event together. Thanks for joining us - we can't wait!